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From Lori Osterberg, Six Figure Photographer Coach
Denver, Colorado, USA

Dear Future Six Figure Photographer,

As you know, photographers are more in demand than ever before. Let’s face it; we’re living in a visual world, and that demands high quality photographs for almost everything we do. Photography is no longer just a way to make a few extra bucks to pay for some camera equipment; it’s turned into a very big

And that’s exactly why I’m writing to you
today …


If you’re new to photography, or have been struggling with a part-time photography business, you’re about to discover the quickest, most effective way to grow your photography business to a Six Figure income level and beyond.

Let me ask you two important questions:

1. What if you had a friend with over 18 years experience in the photography industry who was willing to share all of her wisdom with you?

2. And what if she could show you a foolproof plan – one that she used herself to grow her own business to a $250,000 business in under two years? (And the growth didn’t stop there!)

Can you imagine what expertise you could learn from someone that could take you by the hand and walk you through some of the most important steps in developing this type of business? How it would increase every form of business decision you made? It could easily change your own life and turn it into the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Is it possible to make six-figure income as a photographer?


I did it in less than two years, and I’m happy to say you can too.

It takes hard work. It takes dedication. But it’s easier than you think.

Let me ask you another question....

Join Six Figure Photographer TodayJoin Six Figure Photographer Today

Where are you with your photography?

Are you an amateur photographer, taking photographs every chance you have? Maybe you’ve entered your photographs into a few contests and won. Or maybe you have friends and family that love your work, and think you have potential.

Have you been thinking about a career change, and photography has sparked your interests? You love photographing, and the idea of making it into a full time career is exciting.

Maybe you’ve started your business, and its just not doing what you hoped. You’re working part time at photography, hoping to turn it into a full time career, but its just not working quite as you had planned. You’re missing a key piece that will launch you into success.

Or maybe you’ve made this your full time career, but you just can’t make it as successful as you would like it to be. You have a five-figure income, but you’re barely paying the bills. You would love to take the family on vacation, or buy that new car, but it’s just not in your future because you can’t get the business working for you.

Guess what? I understand. You’re not alone in your frustration.

While doing some research for an article I was writing, I learned a startling fact.

Statistics show that a photographer averages an annual salary of about $26,100. The lowest 10% earned less than $15,240, the middle 50% between $18,420 and $37,370 while the highest 10% earned upwards of $53,900. For a photographer employed by a newspaper or periodical the average annual salary was $37,230, while in other professional and technical services the average was $28,770.

That means if you are making just $54,000 per year, you are one of the best paid photographers in the industry!


I understand that for you, those figures might not be “scary”. Maybe that defines your business at the moment. But for me, I made a six-figure income in less than two years. And I consistently doubled – even tripled - my income again and again.

Because I knew the Secret!

I’ll come back to the “secret” in a moment. But first,

What Is Success?

How do you define success?

Six Figure Photography - Wedding PhotographyCan it be defined by how much money you make?
Owning your own home, a fancy car, the best "toys" around, family vacations across the globe, and having a profitable business are all important and fun to have. And these things can be yours, but you have to be willing to take things one step at a time. You have to learn how to make $100 before you can make $1,000. You have to learn how to make $1,000 before you can make $10,000. And you have to learn how to make $10,000 before you can make $100,000. You're about to learn how to take those steps.

Can it be defined by how quickly you build your business?
Everything in life is attainable. But let's face the facts: only a lucky few people achieve fame and fortune quickly. That's why you see them in the news, in books, and featured on talk shows. There's no such thing as an overnight success. It takes work to achieve results. It takes dedication to accomplish great things. Yet you can shortcut the process by relying on the expertise of others – I'll show you in a minute.

Can it be defined by how well recognized you are?
Becoming an expert in your field will mean people can rely on you to perform at a top notch level. I'm sure you can think of many people that have achieved top level success. If I say "golf", you think "Tiger Woods". But the same applies in photography. There are many top notch photographers that have achieved that same level of success within their field, and within their community. It takes a plan, and more importantly, implementation of key strategic steps. You'll soon discover how to use those strategic steps for yourself.

When I started out running my first business, I defined success much differently than I do today. Success was more of a dream. I didn't have the skills defined for me. I didn't know what it took to move from level to the next. I didn't understand all of the pieces that would help build my business.

Can you relate?

So once I achieved different levels of success, I started putting together ways to help other people skip over the difficult tasks of learning on their own. Why reinvent the wheel? I believe in sharing my knowledge to help YOU succeed at a much quicker pace than I did.

Join Six Figure Photographer TodayJoin Six Figure Photographer Today

Digging A Little Deeper

By now you may be asking yourself, “Who is this person and why should I trust her?”

Let me share a story with you. I didn’t start out as an entrepreneur. In fact, there wasn’t an entrepreneur bone in my body!

Six Figure Photography - Wedding and Portrait Photography CameraI come from a very traditional background. My dad worked and lived the 9-5 lifestyle. My mom stayed home with the 2 kids. We had the white picket fence – well, maybe not the white picket fence. But you get the picture. My life was all about stability. Work hard, get a good education, get a good job, and have a happy life.

So I went to school. Got the degree. Got a good job. And hated it.

Fast forward a few years, and things began to change. I watched my Dad re-interview year after year for his job – a job he had been in for over 30 years! I watched him worry about making it to 55 – the age he could retire. I knew I hated my job, and would never want to be in that position for 40 years.

So I changed.

I realized a “job” wasn’t security. In fact, it was worse then risking it all by creating your own business. Why would I want to depend on anyone else for my security, when I could create my own security?

And with that, my entrepreneur spirit was born. My husband Andrew and I started our photography business, on the side, part time. We knew its what we wanted to do. We had the desire to make it work.

Two things happened to us that literally made our business soar.

First, we decided to specialize in weddings. We had photographed in a variety of fields: portraits, children, commercial, weddings, stock. But we soon realized our passion was wedding photography; we loved the craziness of the day, and working with people on one of the happiest days of their lives.

Six Figure Photography - Wedding PhotographySecond, we discovered the power of the Internet. Now everyone is online. In fact, Google has listed over 6 billion pages – and growing! But back in the early 1990’s, very few people were making waves on the Internet. Andrew and I loved being online, we knew the potential, and we understood that this was going to be the future of marketing. So we embraced the World Wide Web with open arms, and did everything we could to get ourselves noticed online.

We were amazed at how quickly it came. We attracted the top online people. The heads of dot-com companies. Wall street gurus. People that loved technology – and happened to be getting married – discovered our site, and instantly became our clients. Nothing can be more satisfying then receiving a phone call one morning from a groom-to-be, saying his bride-to-be had just spent 12 hours on a dial up line, viewing every image we had on our website. She couldn’t quit crying, and she just had to have us photograph her wedding. We booked more weddings by dealing with the groom! It really was amazing.

(If you’ve ever booked a wedding before, you know most photographers deal with the bride, and have to convince the groom on the price factor. Imagine how much better life is when the groom calls and says, “I don’t care how much; we won’t have anyone else photograph our wedding.”)

Join Six Figure Photographer Today Join Six Figure Photographer Today

"The Six Figure Photographer isn't just a book or guide. In today's tough marketing environment it is the GPS to take you from nowhere to the top in the shortest amount of time possible. It is a common sense approach backed by years of training and experience in marketing. One chapter is worth the entire price"
Michael S. Wade, Professional Wedding Photographer

Changing Focuses

As the years rolled on, our business continued to grow. But when there’s only two of you, and you do every wedding together, you can only grow so far. We didn’t want to do more than 40 weddings per year. In fact, we decided 30 was an even better number for us. We no longer had a studio – our clients were anywhere in the world, and had us travel to their location. And we didn’t want to get back into the lifestyle of doing dozens of portraits every month, and having the overhead of another commercial location.

Six Figure Photography - Portrait PhotographyYet growing was important to us. We wanted a business we could work during the week, and help people along the way. We didn’t have to think too long. In fact, as soon as we started sharing with a few of our photographer friends our new ideas, the phone started ringing. And every one of the photographers on the other end of the phone asked, “How’d you do that?”

Our new idea was born. We created our new company to help other photographers understand marketing, and how you can grow to be a phenomenal success. We wanted other photographers to know the true power of having a website, combining Internet marketing with traditional marketing methods, and seeing your business double – even triple – year after year.

We’ve been doing this for over six years now, and still love working with photographers. Photography is our passion; we just work with it differently now!

We love helping you succeed!
We love watching your business grow!
We love creating tools that will help you achieve your goals!

This Isn’t About Me – It’s About The Process…

I know marketing as well as I do because I live it every day. I achieved phenomenal success for my businesses because I understand the principles of marketing. I share my ideas in hopes it will help others achieve the level of success they are looking for with their own businesses.

I do more than creating my own marketing methods, and helping my clients market their own businesses. I consider myself to be a marketing student – always learning, and watching for another tool that can help someone in my life. I read magazines, trade journals and books by the top names in marketing. I’ve trained under some of the best marketing gurus in the world. I read and study every day – that’s the only way to get better and stay on top.

As a result, I’ve developed a system, a method, a FORMULA that I have applied over and over again, to many other businesses.

Businesses just like yours! Owners that wanted to move from part time to full time. Owners that wanted to start a successful business. Owners that wanted the six-figure income!

Just think about it for a minute. What if I could show you:

What a six figure business looks like – from the inside?
A way to find the perfect clients for your business?
A way to market your business as efficiently as possible?
A way to network with people that will make them potential referral partners?
A way to make the sales process one of the easiest processes of all?
A way to quickly reach your peak performance?
A way to capitalize on your knowledge, and use it again and again as you grow and start offering other products and services?

I have honed this Formula since I started my wedding business back in the early 90’s. I have started three successful businesses – each in a different industry using these skills. I have launched dozens of websites using this expertise. I have helped a lot of other people become successful marketers in their own right.

But this is the key part…

These are “plug and play” strategies that work in any field of photography you choose. Want to go into weddings? They work. Love portraits and babies? They work. Love commercial work? They work. Love fine art portraiture? They work.

The reason this system works is it’s all about marketing. Marketing is what makes you successful; having the photography twist makes it more understandable.

Join Six Figure Photographer TodayJoin Six Figure Photographer Today

Creating the System That Changed The Way Photographers Market Their Businesses

When we started out, we knew we wanted to create a dynamic step by step system that photographers could take and apply instantly to their business model. Six Figure Photographer was born from that original idea, and has been a phenomenal success every since.

"As a new business owner, I have a million ideas and lists-upon-lists of things to complete. Sound familiar? Some of this stuff is really exciting but some of this stuff is just plain overwhelming. I tend to think I can do everything myself, but in reality I know I can't. I hired Lori and in about a week it was clear that I made a smart decision because I started to feel in control again. She helped me get organized, set goals, and decide for myself which responsibilities I was going to delegate to someone else. She also showed me that I'm not all alone in my new business venture!"
Julie Kemerling, A Fine Photographer

Every year I take the time to walk through the information, adding new material and deleting things that may no longer apply. It’s hard to compete today using ideas that worked well in 2004, especially when it comes to technology! And I wanted to make sure every photographer that decided to follow my information had the best and most current information available.

Two years ago, I decided to deliver my Six Figure Photographer in a whole new way. I decided to “go green” with my coaching program, and put it all online so you could have instant access to the information, and be able to access it from anywhere in the world, as long as you had access to the Internet. I also decided to offer it in two ways:

  • a 12 month program that provides a reasonable amount of material each month to incorporate into your already busy lifestyle,

  • and a 3 month Fast Trak program that gives you the same quality material in one quarter of the time.

The choice is yours, fast or slow, decide how fast you want to learn and apply these ideas, and you’ll soon be on your way to building a successful business.

Over the past few years, I’ve I had a ton of great testimonials:

“I am currently stationed with the Marine Corps in Afghanistan.  I have limited access to the Internet and can only be on line during certain hours.  I just wanted to let you know that this morning I found your site and I am very impressed with everything.  I look forward to the eclasses and seeing what I can get from them.  I like what I see already.”

“Again! You’ve made my day … And it comes at a time I REALLY need some inspiration/encouragement.”

“I am based in Canada and the recession hasn’t really hit us as hard as our southern neighbors but business has definitely slowed down and to survive in these new times I think we all need to take a fresh new approach to our business - what used to just work - just doesn’t in hard times. I personally am an eternal optimist and I think that there are still lots of opportunity out there. Thank you for your encouragement and ideas…”

“Thank you, Lori! Just ready a few of your emails again (and again and again!) Got some fresh new ideas to put into practice! Kindest regards from sunny South Africa!”

“By the way very professional and quick response. By making yourself available to the public and personally answering my emails you have instantly built trust with me.”

“I am only 15yrs. old, but am looking into starting a photography business very soon, the info
you provide is so helpful.”

Every testimonial I get means so much to me, because I love helping out photographers just like you avoid the difficult times, sidestep the learning curve, and jump right in to creating the business you’ve always dreamed of.

And because I always want to give you top quality information, I sit down with the content every year to see if it still applies to a photography business today.

So when I sat down to update Six Figure Photographer, I again thought about what would make it the most beneficial program on the market today. One that could deliver the best information in the most effective way. Something that could help every amateur, part time, or under-earning full time photographer understand exactly how to build a photography studio that can and will make a Six Figure income.

And get it to you on YOUR time frame. When YOU need it the most.

I give you detailed information on:

  • Learning the mindset of a Six Figure studio owner
  • Marketing techniques for long term sales
  • Ideas on building key relationships
  • Ways to price your products and services
  • Packaging strategies

And you’ll also be receiving content like:

  • Instant sales ideas to take your new ideas and put them into action – now!
  • Audio and video clips that will emphasize the main material!
  • Action steps to help you stay on track week after week!
  • Up to date social media videos that show you exactly how to put Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogging into your marketing strategy!
  • And so much more!

And because I know everyone works on different timetables, I’m once again offering Six Figure Photographer in two ready-to-use formats: the 3 month Fast Trak program, or the 12 month value plan. More on that later.

Now you may be wondering how this system will help you build your business, and how it will benefit you above the millions of pages of free advice online

Sure, there’s a ton of advice online today. And frankly, that’s part of the problem.

Do a search for “small business marketing”. As of the time of this writing, over 116 million search results come up.

How do you know whom to trust? How do you know which sites have the information that will help you build your studio to the level you desire?

Six Figure Photographer only teaches you what you need to know about building up a photography studio to a Six Figure income level. Designed by a photographer for photographers, you can presume that the information you receive has been tested and works in the photography industry. It’ll work in the United States. In Canada. In Australia. In New Zealand. In United Kingdom. In “list your location here”. (I know because I have clients in dozens of different places around the world.)

Join Six Figure Photographer Today Join Six Figure Photographer Today

Here’s a Sampling of What You’ll Get When You Join
Six Figure Photographer

Module 1: Learn the Mindset of a Six Figure PhotographerDigital Photography Mindset

What’s the difference between a photographer that makes $10,000 per year, and a photographer that makes $100,000 per year?


You’ll know after you work your way through this module. You’ll also learn:

  • The qualities all Six Figure Photographers share
  • How to start thinking like a Six Figure Photographer
  • How to build your business from this point on
  • Why its important to get the basics down now before you build your business


Module 2: Defining Your Niche To Attract Perfect Customers

What do you specialize in?

weddings, events, commercial, babies, family, high school seniors, model, fashion photography

I ask photographers that question all the time. And I’m amazed at many of the answers.

“I specialize in weddings, events, commercial, babies, family, high school seniors, model, fashion, …”

Is that really specializing?

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to determine who your perfect client really is
  • How to find your perfect client not just in your local area, but anywhere in the world
  • Why its easier than ever to build a studio when you have a very specific target
  • Finding enough quality customers to fill your studio
  • Why your online client may be different than a client that visits you in person
  • How to build up your expertise, and share your specialization in your marketing


Module 3: Marketing Yourself as a Six Figure Business


Okay, maybe you’ve never liked marketing before. But to be a great business owner, marketing has to become an integral part of your life.
Text,Business,Individuality,Social Security,Growth,Marketing,Planning,Occupation,Innovation,Team,Winning,Success,Problems,Concepts,Monochrome,Three-dimensional Shape,Digitally Generated Image

Even if you’ve never marketed a business before, there are step by step tasks you can do that will help you achieve success. We’ll get into the nuts and bolts, and help you sort out the best things to try.

We’ll talk about:

  • Developing your 3 Step approach to marketing
  • Helping you define and understand the best people to market to
  • The real reason to take action
  • Understanding the photographers SMART goals
  • Developing a message that speaks to your customers
  • Discover magic “selling” words to use when you write
  • Areas to use your messages every day
Join Six Figure Photographer Today Join Six Figure Photographer Today

Module 4: Packaging Your Products and Services

How did you establish your own pricing structure? Did you fall into the Photographers Trap”?
Business,Blue,Abstract,Diagram,Moving Up,Finance,Graph,Stock Chart,The Future,Success,Three-dimensional Shape,Analyzing,Exchange Rate,Cylinder,Marketing,Reflection,Box,Buying,Buy,Light,Investment,Selling,Mesh

A lot of photographer’s head online when they decide to open up a studio. They pull up a few competitors’ sites and print off their pricing structure. Then they build their own, marking the prices down just a bit. (They’re just starting out so they can’t charge as much, right?)

We’ll give you the ins and outs of establishing a pricing structure that makes sense for your business.

You’ll learn:

  • How to research what you should truly be charging
  • Understanding how to calculate your optimum price
  • Why amateur photographers will go out of business if they don’t change this one thing
  • Understanding the sales process, and how to get maximum sales with little stress
  • Developing a strong presentation that will sell itself


Module 5: Dynamic Websites and Internet Marketing

The only way to succeed in today’s world is by having a web presence. Not just a simple 5 page website. A web presence that includes a comprehensive website, a blog, profiles on the major social sites, and an online marketing strategy that helps you get noticed around the world.
Business,Camera,Computer,Computer Monitor,Computer Mouse,Computer Cable,Web Page,Downloading,Internet,Global Communications,Communication,Connection,Abstract,Cyberspace,E-commerce,Data,Futuristic,Liquid-Crystal Display,Computer Network,Light,Music,Currency,Dollar Sign,Book

Being online helped me succeed throughout the 90’s. In today’s world, it’s impossible to survive without a strong online strategy. I’ll show you:

  • How to design the perfect site that attracts customers (Hint: It doesn’t mean copying what 80 percent of all photographers are doing today.)
  • Understanding the real reason to be blogging
  • How to create a profile on Facebook to get noticed
  • How to automate everything you do
  • Establishing yourself as the King or Queen of your niche (not in your local area).


Module 6: Referral MarketingBusiness,Copy Space,Reflection,Glowing,Distant,Vanishing Point,Human Resources,Technology,Nobody,Abstract,Computer Network,Communication,Internet,Telepathy,Computer Graphic,Digitally Generated Image,rendering,Ideas,Concepts,Illustration and Painting,Three-dimensional Shape,Remote,render,Homosexual Couple,Togetherness,Red,Leadership,referral,Sphere,Symbol,People,Organization,Sign,Computer Icon,Partnership,Friendship,Cooperation,Organized Group,Unity,Love,Talking,Discussion

Where do you get your clients? Do you constantly look for them? Or do they seek you?

A great referral program establishes you as the expert, and gives you a system to teach people how to refer you. The more they work for you, the less you have to look for clients.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to design a perfect referral network
  • Understanding the role of power partners
  • How to put together a marketing campaign that will bring in leads – forever
  • The importance of contacts
  • Teaching people how to refer you
  • 10 ways of gaining referrals

Facebook Marketing Module:

With over a half billion users on Facebook, its definitely a marketing tool that can help you build your business. But did you know there is a right way – and a wrong way – to use Facebook?

Use it the right way, and you can quickly achieve your goals. Use it the wrong way, and you can quickly find yourself shunned by the users. Or worse, banned from Facebook altogether. In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The correct way to set up a business account
  • How to search for the right followers
  • Discover how many followers it takes to succeed
  • Creating a landing page to leverage your Facebook account
  • Connecting Facebook to your website

Plus dozens of other modules to help you build your profitable, Six Figure Photography business. Every month , I'll be releasing valuable information, strategies, step-by-step plans and tips to help you as you're building your business. I'm even going to throw in some ideas on how you can begin making money immediately - just to make sure you have everything you need to succeed this year!

Join Six Figure Photographer Today Join Six Figure Photographer Today

Now, you may have noticed several
“Make money with your photography” products online, and you may be thinking:

“Why should I choose Six Figure Photographer?”

The answer is simple. I’ve made Six Figure Photographer the perfect program for photographers who have a desire to earn a Six Figure income from their photography.

  • It’s created by a photographer, for photographers.

  • It’s simple to understand. Everything you receive will be online, password protected in a memberhip only area. You’ll have access to training modules, videos, audio recordings – everything you need to learn how to build a successful business.

  • It’s in a simple to read layout, filled with step-by-step instruction. It’s nice having content, but its even more important knowing the steps on how to get there.

  • It’s simple to implement, giving you dozens of ideas to start making money quickly. And even more important,

  • It’s simple to get the answers to your questions. My goal when I started Virtual Photography Studio was to help 1,000 photographers achieve a Six Figure Business status with my training, and I take that very seriously. If you have a question, just ask.

What will it cost you to
NOT own “Six Figure Photographer”?

Let me share a secret. In your business, your skills and your knowledge are what build your profits.

The more you know, the more you make. Likewise, your ignorance will cost you the income you deserve. Unfortunately, we all start out on the same playing field, and have to work year after year to attain the knowledge we need to make our businesses successful. Some do it quicker than others.

Ask any top entrepreneur what made them successful; the answer will always be education and knowledge. They started with a quest for knowledge, and still to this day are in a constant learning mode to improve their position in the marketplace.

Six Figure Photography - Travel PhotographyI have a feeling that if you are still reading this letter, chances are you’ve come to the realization that knowledge will help your business succeed. You’ve decided to become a serious student of business, and learn how to build a business that will provide you with all of your dreams.

What we have put together in Six Figure Photographer is the results of 20 years of being in the photography business, 20 years of studying the art of marketing, and 16 years of studying online marketing strategies. I was selling my photography services online back in 1994 – before digital photography made placing images online easy. I’ve been using these same strategies for well over 16 years. Can anyone else say that?

If the knowledge I’m sharing can help you avoid one mistake, or create one marketing campaign that will zoom your photography to the top … it will pay for this course many times over.

Ok, let’s wrap this up.

Join Six Figure Photographer TodayJoin Six Figure Photographer Today

What Would You Pay To Gain Access
To This Step-by-Step Guide To
Building A Six-Figure Photography Studio?

If you’ve been on my subscriber list for any length of time, you know I have many facets to my business. I consult, I coach, I provide a variety of services, and I have a variety of products available online. If I add up the knowledge that went into this product, plus the value of the bonuses I’m offering, I could easily price this product for thousands of dollars.

Frankly, I’m so busy I only accept a few coaching clients at any time – to make sure I have time to spend creating new ideas for my business AND spend time with my family. Six Figure Photographer has been an amazing journey. It’s led me to connect with some dynamite photographers – around the world – and it’s helped make connections with people I never even dreamed of meeting.

But I’ve also been in your shoes. I’ve understood the power of knowledge; yet had a limited budget to buy the things that would help catapult my business. After all, most photographers will never make over $20,000 per year in their part time business.

I want to change that. I want to give every photographer the opportunity to go beyond spare change. I want to give every photographer the opportunity to build a successful business with a very good income – so good they can rely on it as a full time income AND have plenty left over to indulge on the fun things in life.

So here’s the deal …

Think for a moment about where you want your photography business to be 3 months from now. Think about where you want your photography business to be 1 year from now. How fast do you want things to happen? How quickly do you want your business to grow?

Then make a choice.


Six Figure Photographer
3 Month Fast Trak Program

Receive access to all of my Six Figure Photographer materials over the next 90 days. Sign up today to receive access to your first installment. You’ll start learning:

  • Positioning Strategies for finding your perfect client
  • Marketing techniques to build a strong business
  • Developing an effective work strategy
  • Developing your pricing structure
  • In depth case studies to help you see the difference between different types of business models
  • Adding the WOW to your photography

And of course a whole lot more. And that’s in just the first segment of my 3 Month Fast Trac Program.

Sign up today, and you’ll only need to invest $77 per month for a 3 month period, and have access to all of the tools to make you a Six Figure success.

Your initial charge will be $77, and you’ll be assessed two more charges of $77 each 30 and 60 days after your original purchase. After your third payment, you’ll get a lifetime access to the Six Figure Photographer membership site, continuing to reap all the benefits, and you’ll never be charged another cent!


Join Six Figure Photographer Today


Six Figure Photographer
12 Month Coaching Program

The same material as in my 3 month Fast Trak program, just at a slower pace.

If you sign up today, you’ll only need to invest $19.95 per month – that’s less than an average meal out for two people!

Your initial charge will be $19.95, and you’ll continue to be charged $19.95 per month for an additional 11 months. After your twelve months of payments, you’ll get a lifetime access to the Six Figure Photographer membership site, continuing to reap all the benefits, and you’ll never be charged another cent!

That means you can have unlimited access to a wealth of knowledge, training, and ideas that will help you move to a Six Figure mindset as within the next year. If you want the “been there, done that” success guide from one of the premier photographers in the online world, this is your chance – and at a price you can afford!

Join Six Figure Photographer Today


I charge up to $200 per hour for my time. I charge anywhere from $600 to $10,000 for my traditional one-to-one coaching programs. Yet for less than a meal out with friends, you can hang out in the one club that’s going to give you straight talking advice on how to build the business – and the life – you’ve always dreamed of.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Next year at this time, you could be sitting there wishing for a photography business that provides you with a stable income. You could be regretting you didn't start earlier. You could be stuck in a dead-end job, worrying about layoffs and pay cuts.

Or you could be celebrating your newfound success!

Begin your successful journey today with Six Figure Photographer’s powerful yet easy to understand step-by-step guide.

My No-Risk Guarantee

I have always offered a very strong Guarantee on all of my products and services. My Guarantee is:

Give the Six Figure Photographer a try for 30 days. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the course, simply let us know within the 30 day time period, and we’ll promptly issue you a refund, no questions asked.

(But honestly, I highly doubt you’ll ever choose to get a refund. Because one you have access to this information, and start building your own successful business, you’ll be amazed at your results. Plus with a community of Six Figure Photographers all around you, you’ll never look at your life in the same way!)

That’s how confident I am that Six Figure Photographer will be everything you expect, and help you achieve more successes than you ever though possible.

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If you’ve ever read any self-help books, you know every successful business person says that the quickest way to success is to find a mentor – someone who’s “been there, done that”.

Because a successful person has learned the ropes, they offer a wealth of knowledge that you just can’t get quickly from any other source. That is what I am offering you in Six Figure Photographer.

While I don’t have the capability to become a personal mentor to every photographer trying to build a full time career, I do respect your desire to build a business you can be proud of. I’ve put everything I know about running a successful photography studio into Six Figure Photographer. I am absolutely convinced it will cut years off your learning curve. And build a profitable business in the Six Figure range in months instead of years.

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